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by a falling tree yesterday. john miller was preparing to leave his home with wife and two young daughters whether the tree hit him. neither his wife nor his daughters were injured in the horrible incident. contrasting the two tragedies, a number of triumphs yesterday, acts of heroism and bravery by first responders and others. one of those taking place right here in riverhead. ambulances from the bay traveled east to greenport to rescue 12 patients from the eastern long island hospital as floodwaters were beginning to surround that hospital. the patients were brought here to riverhead. they're all doing well at a hospital that's being powered by generators. >> decisions were made around 12:00 noon with the approaching water and the rising tides for the sake of the safety of patients. we worked collectively with the management team and we began moving 13 patients to the area. >> so was eastern long island hospital in freeport, the waters were approaching, they had to get the patients out and you got them out? >> that's right. they're right on the water. and water was coming over the bulkhe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)